Artists can showcase their work or blog on topics related to their art or art in Connecticut.

Marcia Spivak was a close friend and a very talented artist. She passed away too soon in the winter of 2015. I’ve left her art here for the time being so enjoy!

Marcia Spivak
marcia_spivak_DSC_0713 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wilton-bulletin-reprint-in-gray- marcia_spivak_0007799 marcia_spivak_0009826 marcia_spivak_0009832 marcia_spivak_0009834 marcia_spivak_0009869 marcia_spivak_DSC0833 marcia_spivak_DSC0837 marcia_spivak_DSC9462 4GrazingStudy07steel31x25x9 marcia_spivak_006_6_2 marcia_spivak_00000006 marcia_spivak_007_7_6 marcia_spivak_2014-01-08-22.31.16 marcia_spivak_2014-01-09-23.18.58 marcia_spivak_2014-01-09-23.25.18 marcia_spivak_CSC_0087 marcia_spivak_DSC_0010 marcia_spivak_DSC_0088 marcia_spivak_DSC_0090 marcia_spivak_DSC_0118 marcia_spivak_DSC_0185 marcia_spivak_DSC_0186 marcia_spivak_DSC_0187 marcia_spivak_DSC_0328 marcia_spivak_DSC_0451

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