Patricia Creedon, who is a Connecticut resident and Artist’s Representative, started this blog in order to promote the art of P. E. Creedon. But she realized that the site should really go beyond just promotion of art and become more of a place to learn about art. It should have beautiful art to look at of course but also feature posts on how to get art into our homes. Where in Connecticut to see art. Who is doing it and how do they get inspiration? How decorators incorporate art into interior design. And of course any blog on a state as beautiful as Connecticut should have lots of pictures taken here!

To acquire art you see on this site, contact Patricia Creedon and she will make arrangements with you.

Summer Garden

Summer Garden


Summer Bouquet

Field of wildflowers

Summer roadside scene

sculpture in a park on a lawn

Summer scenery

flowers along a stone wall

Spring in Connecticut

sunlight across snow

Winter Tree in Connecticut

Connecticut Christmas scene

Connecticut, Christmas morning 2013

Winter path through a Connecticut Park

Winter in a Connecticut Park

Winter morning scene in Connecticut

Yes, it gets cold here!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I enjoyed finding this blog. I grew up in Connecticut, and its nice to see someone promoting the arts there. ~Rita

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